Thanks for helping me through my playing difficulties.  I always appreciate my lessons and feel more encouraged when I head back home. – Joan H., 12/1/2022

Dear Susan, Thanks so much for all the happy holiday music for Artist Sunday.  I had people today commenting on how wonderful it was to hear live music. Thank you!  – Carole Sullivan, Executive Director, Galena Center for the Arts 11/29/2022

I’ve learned a great deal, and now feel I can at least navigate melodies as they arise in the Real Book, which was my primary goal.. Thank you for all you put into the lessons, which I found to be very thorough, clear and methodical.  — Mark W. 10/31/2022

We have really learned a lot and enjoyed the rhythm class.  You’re a terrific teacher! == Trisha and Mark W. 10/26/2022

Hi Susan,  We loved Luke’s video. He was very proud of his performance as well! Thanks so much for taking the time to record him.  – Carmen & Dan H.  11/6/2021

I enjoy our lessons.  The way you explain them and present them helps a lot.  See you soon,  — Connie W. 10/21/2021

Thank you again for all of your hard work as the ISMTA Certification Chair for the past six years! I really appreciate it as a member of the ISMTA and MTNA!  — Junghwa Lee, DMA, NCTM, ISMTA Vice President – Membership, 6/29/2021

We will . . . connect with someone locally [due to our move].   He will forever remember Ms. Susan and piano lessons. Thank you for helping him to build a love for music  – Christie T-M, 5/18/2021

You are welcome [for the Teacher Appreciation Week gift].  Sadie and I really appreciate you! – Sarah H. 5/5/2021

Thank you for everything you do for Finn and his musical education, especially during these less than ideal times.  Your creativity, flexibility, and dedication are very appreciated.  – Irene T-B, 12/26/2020

I basically have the best piano teacher in America.  — Trisha W., 10/18/2020

I really enjoyed our class and learned a lot.  I didn’t realize it was 16 weeks until you mentioned it on the last day.  I look forward to seeing where I can go from here now that I have had some formal training (after trying to teach myself for decades).  Thanks for your patience with me along the way. – Karen W., 12/30/2019 (re: Recreational Keyboarding Class for Adults at the Galena ARC)

It is our pleasure to inform you that  Susan Lipnick Piano Studio has been selected for the 2019 Best of Galena Awards in the category of Piano Instruction.  —  Dustin Harris, Galena Business Recognition, 12/30/2019

Carissa is really enjoying lessons with you. I thank you for your patience with her. We are very thankful to have found you to continue to push her musically. It has been wonderful listening to her play at home. Thank you! — Sara R., 10/16/2019

[My son] is sitting down at the piano more and more on his own.  This is so exciting!  He loves music and really enjoys learning from you. — Christie T., 6/20/2019

I am a bit saddened that this is Jenna’s last month of piano lessons.  I have been so pleased with all you have taught her over the years.  She has learned so much from you.  You should be proud of your skills and your teaching.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great piano teacher.  Thank you so much for all you do for your students and the schools.  You have touched many lives over the years.  Thanks again! — Kim D., 5/1/2019

Susan, Thank you for hosting this special event for the kids.  It was great! — B’Ann D., 4/28/2019

River’s first piano recital:  Many thanks to Susan Lipnick for being such an awesome teacher! – Christie T., 4/28/2019.

Good morning, Susan.  Thanks again for playing for us; it was wonderful!  — Marty R., Westminster Presbyterian Church, Galena, Illinois 4/22/2019 (regarding yesterday’s Easter Service)

I am very grateful for the time you spend with me.  Thank you for being a great teacher – and a patient one!  — Roth W., 12/21/2018

Hello Susan… I found you on Facebook and wanted to fill you in on Grace’s past few years. After we moved to ******, we started lessons with Karen K. thanks to your recommendation. She was fantastic for Grace.   Grace continued lessons until her 8th grade year when time constraints were just to complicated. With her school and sports schedules, it was just to hard to make it to lessons. So we decided to stop lessons at that point. But Grace continues to play – she probably hops on the piano once a week.  She has never lost her love of the piano. And she has gotten better and better throughout the years (even without lessons).  So this is just a quick Thank You for what you did for Grace. She will always have piano in her life and that just warms my heart.  — Becky B., 8/8/2018

Susan, thank you for your wonderful instruction to help Chase come a long way this year! – B’Ann D., 5/9/2018

I will probably say this many times, but it has been wonderful working with you as an accompanist! I appreciate everything you have done for this music department, and for me!  – Kelly N., 3/16/2018

Susan, Thank you for the time you took today to meet our children.  I appreciate how thorough you were with each one . . . all three kids are really excited to have you as their new teacher.  Have a nice weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you next week. — Susie M., 1/26/2018

Dear Susan, Thank you so much for being part of the Rockford [Baha’i] Bicentenary celebration.  Your piano music was amazing and added so much to make it such a beautiful event.  We really appreciated your coming all the way from Galena to share you talent! — Sharon & Randy B., 10/25/2017

Thanks for all your work with Chase.  It seems like things are going well, and he is learning a lot.          — B’Ann D, 10/3/2017

Thank you Susan for being so patient and such a great teacher for Ava!  – L.N., 9/27/2017

Thank you for a great intro. to piano class these last 8 weeks! — Lacey N., 7/26/2017

Thank you for the music dictionary that you gave me and for teaching me for the last several years.  I will miss you when I leave for college. — Luz S., 6/7/2017

Thanks for another wonderful year of music!  — Jennifer N., 12/20/2016

I wanted to tell you that you did a great job at the concert tonight; Mason loved watching you play and Jenna thought it was great to have her teacher accompany her school choir again! — Amanda S., 12/19/2016

Thanks for your willingness to resume my lessons when I’m better. It means a lot to me.  I will keep in touch. –Eileen S. 10/12/2016

It was a pleasure hearing your students, and the progress shown by the ones who were at the Youth Arts Festival last year too.  Keep up the good work! — Best, Carole Sullivan, President, Galena Center for the Arts, 6/1/2016

Thank you for all that you have done for me.  You have been a great teacher and very encouraging.
— Alice E., 5/9/2016

Congratulations to Luz who received outstanding scores on her Level 9 Achievement in Music examinations!  — Susan Lipnick, 4/18/2016

Thank you for having been president for the past three years, and doing such an excellent job! You have lended a quality of professionalism that we needed!   — Anne Olson, Secretary, Greater Rockford Music Teachers Association, 4/15/2016

Susan, Taking piano lessons for the last several years has been a great decision.  And, it has not only helped me greatly improve my ability to play, it has expanded my musical interests. — Robert W., 1/17/2016

Dear Susan:  Thank you very much for the very generous donation of $200.00 from the “Piano Practice Pay It Forward” that your students participated in.  What a special group of young people to put in that extra practice to benefit the pets awaiting their new home here at Safe Haven.  Many thanks to all your students for choosing Safe Haven as the beneficiary of this extraordinary effort.  — Kay D. Day, Treasurer, Safe Haven  12/07/2015

Piano Practice Pay It Forward Project Benefits Area Organization:  Congratulations to the following of my students for pushing themselves and persevering through the four-week “Piano Practice Pay It Forward” project that ended November 25: Elliott, Sabine, Anne, Ari, Eve, Luz, Jenna and Mason. These students committed to practicing to practicing more than usual, and most increased their practice minutes each of the four weeks they participated. The $200 dollars raised were contributed today to Safe Haven Humane Society in Elizabeth, Illinois. — Susan Lipnick, 12/01/2015

Wow, thank you so much for your work on [my inquiry]. I continue to be so impressed with the way MTNA responds to its membership. What a great organization! I am pleased to know that some updates are occurring. Until then, I feel assured that I can be honest in my responses to these questions, or at least approach my responses from a different standpoint. I am so grateful for your work on this! Thank you! — Jessica O. 7/27/2015

Hi Susan–  Your students were wonderful on Sunday! I really enjoyed the performances [at the Youth Arts Festival] . . .  I hope your students had fun; I know what a daunting experience that can be to perform in front of a crowd of people you may or may not know. They really handled it well, and I hope they are proud of their accomplishments.  Best to you, Liz L., Youth Arts Festival organizer– 4/28/2015

Congratulations to the following of my students who performed today at this area’s first ever Youth Arts Festival:  Anne, Katrina, Katie, Ari, Eve, Olivia, Luz and Jenna!  Each student performed two piano solos and one duet. — Susan Lipnick, 4/26/2015

Congratulations to my student Luz who successfully completed Level 8 of the Achievement in Music Exams offered by the Illinois State Music Teachers Association. She now enters the advanced levels!     — Susan Lipnick, 4/21/2015

Thank you.  We are very pleased with [our daughter’s] progress. — Wes and Stephanie C., 4/16/2015

The discussion you led  [at the GRMTA meeting] last month on teaching the “slower” student was really good and gave me a lot to think about.  Thanks for your preparation!  — Tricia J., 4/10/2015

Congratulations to my students who participated and performed outstandingly in recent Middle School Solo & Ensemble contests on solo piano: Eve, IGSMA contest (2nd year);  Olivia, IGSMA contest (1st year); and  Katie, River Ridge Middle School Solo & Ensemble (1st year).  All received the highest score of “1.”  — Susan Lipnick 3/17/2015

Katie is really enjoying piano lessons, it makes me very happy! She came home and ran upstairs to play her new piece!  — Betsy K., 12/19/2014

. . .  I saw your e-mail regarding your blog update – so I read your blog, and have to say, that it was not only interesting, but motivating.  Taking up the piano again at my age is the best thing that I have done for myself.  We’re very fortunate to have someone with your skills – both as a pianist and an instructor – here in the Territory. — Joan H., 9/25/2014

. . . Thank you for teaching me Susan.  I rilley [sic] like it. –  K.F. (a school-aged student), 7/30/2014

. . . a most sincere thank you for accompanying Tony at my JDCF Italian dinner party.  You are very gifted, and I understand why Tony so enjoys having you accompany him.  And we so enjoyed your accompanying the Middle School Chorus last week!  God bless you, and thanks again for being you and for your talent!  Very sincerely — John and Jane Y., 5/14/2014   

Congratulations to my students Luz, Eve, Ari, Olivia and Willow who completed their Achievement in Music (AIM) piano examinations this week!  I commend their commitment to this program and perseverance in mastering the various components.  These students truly are becoming well-rounded musicians as well as good pianists.  Well done!  – Susan Lipnick, 4/12/2014  

Thank you for taking the time to judge our Middle School solo and ensemble contest.  It is so nice to have such a wonderful resource so close.  – Renee S., 2/19/2014    

Congratulations to my student Melissa, a high school senior, who just found out she earned a generous music scholarship at Wartburg College in Iowa. She will receive $3,500 for her outstanding interview and $4,000 for her impressive piano audition.  Melissa has worked hard in the two years she has studied with me since transferring from her previous teacher.  I am so pleased that her hard work and dedication have literally paid off so nicely! – Susan Lipnick, 2/8/2014   

I have been meaning to email you because I am so pleased with the results of your suggestions. I have been working with the chords at the piano quite a bit since my visit with you, and I noticed within a few days that I was able to bumble my way through some lead sheets at the piano fairly well…which I have never been able to do before. And I have even found myself adding in notes on the accordion on pieces that I already knew, but making them more interesting! Like everything, practice makes all the difference. So I have definitely begun to add skills and the understanding of what I am trying to do. Thank you! – Colleen Y. 12/7/2013     

. . . so glad that Olivia is making such great progress in piano.  She truly enjoys it, and it is exciting to watch and listen and she gains more experience and confidence.  Thanks so much for all you do!  – Linda S. 9/2/2013    

THANK YOU for being an awsesome accompanist!  You keep me on my toes and challenge me to be a better director every time we work together.  I really do appreciate it. . . . I hope you have a great summer!  – Mark B. 6/2/2013     

We are very happy with you as Luz’s piano teacher.  I think you work well with her. – Laura S. 1/29/2013  

Good morning Susan, On the way to school this morning Henry told me that the beautiful music at piano lessons healed his boo-boo.  I thought it was just too cute to not pass along!   – Jolie H.  3/21/2012  


Contact Information: Susan Lipnick, NCTM

Telephone: 815-908-0483    E-mail: lipnick.piano@gmail.com


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