Studio Policy – For Students Who Are Children

Susan Lipnick Piano Studio

Policies for Students Who are Children

–  September – May:              Weekly lessons expected as much as possible
–  June – August:                    At least six lessons, preferably two or more lessons a month.

Holidays: I do not teach on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and December 24 through January 1.

Assigned Lesson Time

The assigned lesson time is a standing appointment.  Students must be dropped off and picked up on time, as I rarely can extend the lesson time when students arrive late.  I cannot supervise students before or after the lesson.  Students must remember to bring all currently assigned music books, including the assignment book.  Fingernails should be short enough not to click on the piano keys.


September May  I expect each student to take weekly lessons except for the holidays listed above or illness or unsafe traveling conditions.  Lessons usually will take place if school is cancelled because of inclement weather but it is safe to drive to lessons.  Let me know if road conditions make it unsafe for you to bring your child to lessons.  If the student has a contagious illness, please do not come to lessons that day.  Let me know if we can hold the lesson via videoconferencing.

June August:   The summer provides more flexible attendance and scheduling.  Students should take at least six lessons to help retain the skills they achieved during the school year.  (More lessons are better!)  Please provide as much notice of preferred lesson days and times and absences as you can give.  I will do the same.  Lessons are not given on Independence Day.


 If a student must stay at home because of unsafe road conditions or a contagious illness but can still manage the regularly scheduled lesson, we will try to have the lesson online through videoconferencing during the regular lesson time.  If videoconferencing is not possible, I will try to reschedule within the week of that lesson only.  Alternatively, sometimes it is possible to extend other lessons that month to make up some or all of the cancelled lesson lime.  We can also try a lesson via speakerphone or videoconferencing during the normal lesson time.  If I must cancel a lesson, I will provide alternative dates and times to reschedule

If rescheduling or extending lessons is not possible, the cancelled lesson will simply be missed.  Payment for cancelled lessons will not be credited or prorated.

If absences become a regular occurrence, let’s try to find a better day and time for lessons.

Lessons will be temporarily suspended for payment delinquency and “bounced” checks. (See “Additional Fees” section.)


Full monthly payment is due on the first lesson date of each month, regardless of whether the student attends all available lessons.  I accept checks or exact cash.  Please make checks payable to Susan Lipnick.  Tuition is not refundable, transferable, or used for subsequent months.

If tuition and late payment fees have not been paid by the 14th day of the month, lessons will cease until tuition and late payment fee have been paid in full.

I may offer payment alternatives for family emergencies (e.g., long-term health issue or death of a relative) but will make this determination on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition Amount

September May: Monthly tuition is a flat rate regardless of how many lessons are actually taken.

30-minute lessons:  $108/month (private lesson)

45-minute lessons:  $140/month (private lesson)

June August: Payment is due at the beginning of the month for all lessons scheduled that month

30-minute lessons:  $27/lesson (private lesson)

45-minute lessons:  $35/lesson (private lesson)

Additional Fees

Books, Supplies, Events Fees:  Families usually purchase required music.  Otherwise, fees for music books, supplies, and lesson-related events and activities should be paid upon receipt of the bill.

Late Payment Fee:  Again, monthly tuition is due on the first lesson date of each month, regardless of whether the student attends that lesson. Families that fail to pay by this date will also be charged a late payment fee of $15 for each lesson date that tuition has not been paid.   Lessons will temporarily cease on the 14th of the month until all outstanding tuition and late payment fees have been paid.

Insufficient Funds Fee:  Families who pay tuition or other fees with a check that I cannot use due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc. will have to pay me in cash the amount of that check plus applicable bank fees and penalties I incurred.  Lessons will temporarily cease from the day my bank notifies me that a family gave me a check not covered by sufficient funds until the matter is resolved and all outstanding tuition and fees have been paid in cash.

Practicing at Home

Lessons cannot be successful or enjoyable without at-home playing and preparation.  I encourage students to play piano and practice daily.  Students will learn at their lessons how to practice effectively.

Parental Involvement

The ability of a child to learn music depends in large part on the mutual involvement of the child, the music teacher, and the parent.  Parents, please note that you do not have to know how to play piano or have a musical background to provide necessary supervision and support.  You will need to remind your child to practice the assigned lesson daily and provide encouragement when your child struggles to master a new skill.  You may also need to review the weekly assignment with your child if your child has difficulty understanding independently the weekly assignment.  You will also need to arrange for your child to be brought to lessons and picked up on time if you do not stay at the lessons.

Communication is essential.  I will stay in touch with you regarding your child’s progress and/or concerns I may have.  If you notice your child struggling with piano at home, please contact me or have your child contact me.  You can also share your concerns or observations tactfully at the lesson.

I also have a blog dedicated to practicing issues and parental involvement on my website: .

Busy Schedules/Ending Lessons

As you can tell, piano lessons with me are intended to be a regular part of your child’s life, as is at-home playing.  Ideally, lessons will end at a “natural” stopping point such as moving or graduating from a particular school.  Please let me know when this will happen!

Life happens, and piano cannot always be a priority. Please let me know when temporary schedule disruptions will arise. Often, with some planning, we can weather a temporary disruption to the schedule.

If it gets to the point that lessons should end, let me know.  I will do the same.  We will need to discuss the timing of the final lesson, which may be immediate or at another mutually-agreed upon time depending on circumstances and benefit (if any) in prolonging lessons.


Contact Information: Susan Lipnick, NCTM

Telephone: 815-908-0483    E-mail:


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