Piano or Electronic/Digital Keyboard?

Susan Lipnick Piano Studio

Should Students Acquire a Piano or Electronic/Digital Keyboard?

While nothing is more pleasurable to play on than a high quality acoustic piano, size, cost, and maintenance may make a piano a less viable option for some students than for others.

If a student must acquire an electronic or digital keyboard, the following features are mandatory:
— At least 76 piano sized keys.  The full 88-key keyboard is best.
— Weighted Keys with graded hammer action that have the feel and response of acoustic piano keys;
— Keys with “touch sensitivity” (play louder or softer through touch)
— Working pedal (usually plugs in via USB port)
— Music rack to hold music
— Stand to put keyboard close to piano height
— Adjustable piano chair or bench (portable bench acceptable)

The more proficient the student, the more likely it is that a quality piano will have to be acquired.


Contact Information: Susan Lipnick, NCTM

Telephone: 815-908-0483    E-mail: lipnick.piano@gmail.com


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