Recital Information


Spring 2020 Note:  In this time of caution because of the COVID-19 pandemic, recitals are suspended.  Special projects will be given to students to safely share their music with others.

Recital: In addition to other performance options that arise during the course of the year, all school-aged students participate in the Piano Studio’s annual piano recital, usually held during the spring.   The entire event – welcome, announcement, performances, and reception – lasts no more than 45 minutes to an hour in length.  Two or three “mini-recitals” will be held if necessary in lieu of one lengthy event.

Performance:  This recital is mandatory for school-aged students.  Students are expected to perform, with their solo pieces memorized.  Duets do not have to be memorized.  Students must bring all music that they will perform.

Recital Dress:  As part of their attire, girls should wear nice slacks or a dress or skirt of at least knee length and flat or low-heeled dress shoes.  Neither tops nor bottoms should be tight fitting.  Boys should wear a nice shirt, slacks, dark socks, and dress shoes.  No jeans, high heels, flip flops, crocs, or sneakers, please!  Students should practice their recital pieces in this outfit at least once in preparation for the recital.  Nail polish must be removed and fingernails clipped short enough that they don’t click on the piano keys.  Please leave all heavy or dangly jewelry at home, as well (too distracting for audiences and students alike).

Audience Protocol:  Performers need the undivided attention of their audience to make their performance as best as it can be.  Audience members need a nondistracting environment to best enjoy the recital.  Thus, audience members are expected to sit or stand quietly during the entire recital, applaud after the entire piece has ended, and refrain from conversation, coughing, and other interruptions during each performance.

While modern electronic devices provide many conveniences for the user, they also provide many unwelcome distractions at a recital.  Pagers, cell phones, beeping watches and other noise-making devices should be left in the car or turned off or put on a “silent” setting.

Cameras and recording devices also provide unwelcome distractions.  No pictures should be taken during the performance.  There will be plenty of photo opportunities before and after the recital!  The use of video recorders and the like is discouraged, as this kind of recital is not meant to be recorded for posterity.   If you must make a recording for out-or-town grandparent purposes (or similar circumstances), please go to the back of the room, out of everyone’s way.

Firearms are not permitted in the building where the recital will take place.

Post-Recital:  Depending on the location, a reception will take place after the recital for students and guests. Juice and cake will likely be served. If there are any food restrictions, please let me know in advance.



Contact Information: Susan Lipnick, NCTM

Telephone: 815-908-0223    E-mail:

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